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Companies benefit from moving EDI to the Cloud. So why do some leaders hesitate?

19th August, 2016

Here are a few reasons given by EDI Managers. And thoughts from the Expert (aka Adept) EDI Cloud service provider.


“We’re in a steady state mode. We don’t often get requests to set up new trading relationships or create new maps.”


What happens when your company has an opportunity to gain a huge community of customers? How will you meet the sudden demand? The EDI team of one athletic goods supplier was overwhelmed when their leaders acquired another athletic goods company and doubled their customer base. The team had been running with minimal headcount and they suddenly needed to on-board 30 new customers. By engaging a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a toolkit for on-boarding and mapping, they met the challenge.


Once in production, you’ll want a scalable platform. The Adept EDI Cloud environment is sized to your community and transaction volumes. So, if your company is steady state now, you don’t need a large resource allocation. As your need grows, Adept will quickly meet your requirements by scaling up the resources (both computing and professional services).


“Outsourcing to a managed service provider is not a viable option. Our processes are too complex.”


A skilled MSP has already worked with a variety of companies. There’s a good chance they will have suggestions that will improve your current structure. They approach the transition to Cloud with proven project management methodologies. A Certified PMP will lead the transition. Step one always includes a full analysis of your business processes. Recognizing that many companies prefer a hybrid Cloud approach, Adept can work with you to decide which parts of your program you will continue to control. Our clients benefit from a suite of self-service system management applications.


-Our framework utilities manage problems before, during and after implementation.

-Our document tracking and visibility portal will give you deeper insight into your transactions than you have with your current B2B integrator system.

-Our on-boarding tool allows you to configure TP relationships.

-Frustrated when you don’t have control over your own maps? Use our portal to access and modify your maps.


“Outsourcing business document processing is for large operations. Our business is too small to think about EDI.”


Even small companies benefit when their customers’ purchase orders flow directly into their ordering system. Using a secure connection, your business documents will transmit in a reliable delivery conduit. You wouldn’t need to re-key orders received via email or postal mail. An integrated EDI system allows you to manage only one invoice format and would transform the invoice into a format your customer’s system could quickly receive and process. You would get an acknowledgement with a timestamp showing when the invoice was received. Your customers would be able to quickly send payment using EDI. Supply chain studies by the EDI Group show a 40% reduction in order-to-cash processing. Another study by Aberdeen Group measured $37 for processing a paper PO versus $23 for an EDI PO. Use those cost savings to launch your next strategic initiative.


Take a closer look at Adept’s EDI Cloud Service.