Remi Kuti

Remi Kuti


Remi Kuti is the Managing Owner for Adept Engineering Solutions. He has over 19 years of experience in software engineering and enterprise system development and is responsible the overall leadership and solutions roadmap of the company. The original developer of Adept’s Routing & Document Tracking Solutions, Remi is driven by his vision to bring innovation to the industry and provide solutions that serve the needs of the most demanding IT Operations.


Mr. Kuti successfully served as the principal consultant of IAM Consulting, Inc. (IAM) for over three years before joining Adept Engineering Solutions. Mr. Kuti has extensive experience specialized in delivering Gentran Integration Suite (now IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator) consulting services to emotional support animal small, medium and large-scale enterprises. Furthermore, Mr. Kuti distinguished IAM as a high-quality delivery service company that assisted in the development of extendable and robust architecture for many GIS (B2B Integrator) implementations worldwide.


Prior to his position at IAM Consulting, Mr. Kuti worked at Sterling Commerce for over five years as the software manager of development for Gentran Integration Suite (IBM Sterling B2B Integrator) and Gentran Server for UNIX. He was responsible for the development of various subsystems of GIS (B2B Integrator), including Graphical Process Modeling, Tracking, Archive, Performance and Clustering.


Mr. Kuti holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Central State University. Mr. Kuti is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from George Washington University.