About Dana Holding Corporation

Dana Holding Corporation is a world leader in the supply of axles; driveshafts; off highway transmissions; sealing and thermal-management products; and genuine service parts.

Dana is a global automotive manufacturer with:

  • Broad customer base – more than 3,000 original-equipment and aftermarket customers in 125 countries
  • Multiple market segments – light vehicle, heavy vehicle, and off-highway equipment
  • Global engineering and manufacturing footprint with major facilities in 26 countries
Business Issues

Dana was running Gentran: Server for UNIX and wanted to move to IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator to streamline their integration systems. They also wanted access to the new communication protocols that were available in GIS for collaborating with their trading partners as Gentran: Server only provided a small number of protocols.


Adept was charged with migrating the Gentran: Server flows into IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator. Utilizing our Routing Solution and Document Tracking Solution, we were able to migrate over 4000 trading partners in nine months, all of which were fully validated and tested. This process for this many trading partners would normally take multiple years, but with the pre-built functionality of our solutions and our proven approach, we were able to do this in a fraction of the time, and with no interruption to business functions. Adept was also able to provided them with a replacement of the functionality from Gentran: Server using our solutions including providing them with a framework for onboarding partners and transaction run time visibility.


The use of our Routing and Document Tracking Solutions allowed for significant cost savings from the standard migration approach and a greatly reduced implementation timeline. Adept worked closely with the Dana team to ensure a robust knowledge transfer for their new IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator system so that they were able to immediately hit the ground running with the new functionality it offered.