About Cardinal Glass

Cardinal Glass is a 5,500+ employee company with 27 manufacturing facilities that leads the industry in the development of residential glass for windows and doors. With customers in 48 states as well as internationally, Cardinal’s goal is to design and fabricate the most advanced residential glass in the industry.

Business Issues

The Cardinal Glass GIS system was unstable, requiring multiple system bounces each day. This impacted their ability to turn around transactions in a timely fashion, damaging their reputation with their customers. When the system went down, their customers would have to switch to VAN, causing half of their communications to go through AS2 and half through VAN. This caused confusion and often duplicate or erroneous transactions. The pain Cardinal felt was further compounded as custom glass orders could be processed in duplicate resulting in unwanted inventory. The only solution they were offered when troubleshooting the issue with Sterling was an upgrade to a more recent version of GIS which would take some time and wouldn’t address the short term problems they were facing.

Adept’s System Health Check & Consulting

The Adept team was able to assess the problems causing the instability and propose a solution that would bring the necessary stability to Cardinal’s B2B process without the intensive upgrade. Adept was able to provide a solution that was cost-effective, timely and reliable.


Today, Cardinal Glass has a more robust architecture providing the stability, reliability and accuracy that they need to process transactions in a timely process with minimal downtime. Their customers have a much higher degree of confidence in Cardinal’s ability to execute.