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Our professional-grade Managed & Hosted Services provide the best-in-class expertise, leverage our innovative suite of integration tools and are specifically tailored to your thesis about yourself unique needs. Adept’s Managed and Hosted Services offerings balance the value of outsourcing your operation without compromising quality…our team of experts stands behind your environment because your reputation is critical to your success. We offer two options, tailored to your needs:

Managed Services – Host In Your Environment – Our Managed Services team becomes a direct extension of yours while you continue to maintain control of your infrastructure and hardware. Adept’s seasoned resources support, monitor, troubleshoot and repair issues, onboard trading partners and perform periodic maintenance activities such as patching, performance tuning etc.

Managed & Hosted Services – Our turnkey solution with database, networking, operating system, firewall and servers all provided and supported. We offer full disaster how to write an autobiography paper recovery capability between our primary and secondary data centers. Adept’s experienced operations team supports, monitors, troubleshoots and repairs issues, onboards trading partners and performs periodic maintenance activities such as patching, performance tuning etc.


Experts At Your Service Level of service depends on selection of Managed Service or Managed & Hosted Services. Our team is comprised of a vast pool of skill-sets from world-class EDI Architects to Mappers to BPML developers to Performance Tuning experts. Each resource becomes an extension of your organization and lets us focus on our core competency so you can focus on yours.
24 Hour Application & System Monitoring Our on-shore and offshore resources provide your environment with around the clock system monitoring, application and system key performance indicators, and application or system errors or failures.
Trading Partner Onboarding & Management Implement, test, migrate new trading partners to production and provide post-production support for new trading partners.
System Administration & Maintenance Complete yearly Disaster Recovery test planning, execution and issue resolution. Install OS Patches, perform firewall configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting activities.
System Housekeeping Apply software patches, perform periodic log review and issue resolution as well as undertake periodic system health checks and performance tuning as needed.
Document Visibility Solutions Maintain full access to the visibility of the state of your end-to-end document life cycle for your team, your trading partners or your business users.
Manage Communication and Translation Monitor inbound and outbound data to ensure it is successfully translated and communicated. We will work to resolve any application, trading partner or business related issues.
Manage Integration Monitor the communication and processing of files between your ERP system and the EDI application and take corrective actions as appropriate.

Troubleshooting, Repairs and Production Support Troubleshoot system errors, analyze and resolve business process failures, investigate root causes and implement solutions. Provide production support with both short and long term fixes as needed.





High Performance Hardware Bundle Disaster Recovery Bundle in Secondary Data Center
EDI Application with High Availability Hardware Bundle Replicates Primary Data Center Configuration
Database Server & SAN Fully DR Capabilities in Remote Data Center
Firewall & VPN Access to Corporate Network Application and Database Replication

It Makes Sense – contact us today to see how our Managed and Hosted Services help you to:

  1. Reduce your operational costs
  2. Eliminate staffing shortage risks
  3. Respond quickly to new business requirements
  4. Improve service levels by leveraging Adept’s expertise
  5. Focus on your core competencies