Cloud Project Manager


Cloud Project Manager

Embrace the latest trend in IT Project Management…PMaaS (Project Management as a Service)

  • Need project leadership for your small or medium project?
  • Budget constrained but their eyes were watching god research paper need skilled, certified project oversight?
  • Want to cut through politics with objective, third party project leadership?

Our Cloud PM may be the right choice

Typically, companies will source a full-time Project Manager; but in many cases this is overkill! Our Cloud PM service gives you access to skilled, articulate, and experienced project leadership at the fraction of the investment of a full-time PM. Our team has led hundreds of projects domestically and internationally over the past 15 years and we provide as little as 5 hours/week to support your project without you having to invest in a full-time consultant.

Our Certified Project Management Services Include:

..Project leadership and coordinator support

..Onsite visits for project kickoff and go lives

..Remote project management

..Weekly reporting

..Integrate with your PMO process and tools as required

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Success Story…A large multi-national logistics provider…


Had a need for project management on several priority projects…application consolidation and disaster recovery.


Through PMaaS the client  was able to leverage a part-time certified PM for a fraction of the cost of a full time resource!
The PM was able to engage and manage teams dispersed across time zones and continents through a mix of onsite and remote tools…in addition to managing’s why it was a big win!
  • Plug and play – Quickly plugged into internal PMO processes to make things happen.
  • Pay as you go – Client was only billed for the necessary work and didn’t have to pay for water cooler time.
  • Cutting through the politics – As an outside resource, the PM was able to quickly engage and yet remain objective in the political landscape – Key because the animosities between certain internal organizations became a non-issue and progress was made where projects were previously stalled.
  • Resource roll-off – At the “perfect time” minimizing cost.
Upon successful completion, transitioned the projects over to company personnel.