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Industry Solutions

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Industry Solutions

Transportation Logistics Solutions

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speed test bezeq
Responsive, flexible, efficient…Your business demands the ability to deliver under every circumstance. It is important for your B2B systems architecture to do the same. You may need to support multiple data formats and constantly changing requirements, maintain visibility as a transaction flows between manufacturer and buyer, or support multiple standards from different trading partners. In a world where specifications and standards are dictated to you and yet you hold the key solving your clients JIT needs, your IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator system must be stable, adaptable, and nimble. We have experience helping our clients solve these types of business problems.  Advance with Routing Solution:…

Financial Services Solutions

Your reputation is everything. Building trust and maintaining integrity are paramount as you deliver the highest quality products and services to your astute and discriminating clientele. Your systems must support with excellence the delivery of your products and services. Mishandled data can cause regulatory issues, litigation risks or even widespread economic impact. You need a partner that understands the importance of building your IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator systems and web services framework with proven processes that will provide you the performance and reliability you can trust. Adept has a proven track record demonstrating our core competencies in addressing these concerns. PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY TRUST…

Automotive Solutions

In Automotive, it’s imperative that OEMs, their suppliers and the entire supply chain be able to send transactions seamlessly. However with multiple transaction standards and many communication protocols, this is a daunting task. Automotive companies need systems that accept diverse input and produce diverse output in order to accommodate all their trading partners. Issues arise when Service Level Agreements are not met which not only result in fines but can impact the rest of the supply chain. We have deep experience in addressing these types of issues: RELIABILITY FLEXIBILITY Your system must be able to process transactions accurately and give…

Manufacturing Solutions

Your business relies on your Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to manage your demand mix and supply capacity while being able to receive purchase orders from and send ship invoices to systems that are using other communication protocols. A mistake in translating a purchase order improperly or receiving a duplicate order can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your supply chain network needs to be managed to precision as you react quickly to buying patterns of your customers and your demand mix changes. Your B2B and integration systems must also perform to the same level of accuracy and reliability; downtime, failures in sending…

Retail Supply Chain Solutions

Many retailers have turned to IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator to manage their B2B communication with trading partners and to maintain the integrity of their supply chain. Large retailers need to be able to source the best product for the best price while suppliers need to be flexible, able to meet new B2B requirements and mandates that their trading partners are driving. Just-in-time commitments must be met and systems must run flawlessly as disruptions adversely impact the bottom line or could result in penalties. At Adept, we understand your business, and we are uniquely positioned to solve your most complex Sterling B2B Integrator problems: STABILITY…

Pharmaceutical Solutions

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act has placed new challenges upon Pharmaceutical companies, their suppliers and third party logistics providers. Under DSCSA regulations, companies must provide electronic documents related to track-and-trace of the product packaging and shipment.  Product descriptors must include the GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and be displayed on carton shipping labels.  In order to comply by the 2017 deadline, many companies must implement new packaging systems and the software required for tracking their products. Adept can help with the track-and-trace, product data and electronic document requirements.  See how we do this…

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