Transportation Logistics Solutions

Responsive, flexible, efficient…Your business demands the ability to deliver under every circumstance. It is important for your B2B systems architecture to do the same. You may need to support multiple data formats and constantly changing requirements, maintain visibility as a transaction flows between manufacturer and buyer, or support multiple standards from different trading partners. In a world where specifications and standards are dictated to you and yet you hold the key solving your clients JIT needs, your IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator system must be stable, adaptable, and nimble. We have experience helping our clients solve these types of business problems.

 Advance with Routing Solution:




Delivery schedules are tight and timing is everything. Downtime is not acceptable when JIT commitments must be kept or inventory flows must be controlled. When you do have problems, you need someone to troubleshoot your entire Sterling B2B Integrator Implementation, not just your Sterling B2B Integrator system. System downtime can interrupt clients assembly lines, cause missed pickups or deliveries, and ultimately cost you customers. Data is coming into your systems from manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. That data must be deciphered in the sequence and the proper actions must be taken. Your company is relying on your team to manage and decode the information flow so that your business can respond rather than react. You pride yourself in providing tracking information to your clients. When documents are missing or corrupted, you lose time tracking things down. Who made the mistake? Who failed to send the shipping information? Was the file corrupt? Many times, your team spends hours per day tracking down information in your backend systems.


We understand the downstream impacts of these challenges on your Sterling B2B Integrator implementation. Our Sterling B2B Integrator expertise, industry specific experience and unique solutions based approach to solving the most complex Sterling B2B Integrator problems are ideally suited to provide you the performance, scale, and visibility you need.


System Health Check & Optimization – Your implementation must function and system restarts are not the solution. Adept team of specialists will complete an in-depth assessment of your current software and hardware as well as your business requirements and develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate chronic system issues in light of your current needs an expected growth.
Adept’s Sterling B2B Integrator Routing Solution – Our Routing Solution will provide you the scalability and extendibility you need to work effectively with different protocols and standards while providing a stable architecture to effectively manage your B2B transaction flow. It is uniquely suited to providing you they flexibility you need to respond to mandates from your trading partners with minimal to no business process design.
Document Tracking – Real time answers for a real time business. Document Tracking provides you with instant access to the status of your documents in Sterling B2B Integrator. Manage the interface internally or share it with your trading partners. Have exception alerts sent to you for escalation and handling before you receive a trouble ticket. You no longer have to spend valuable time tracking down information or wondering whose system has lost a document, its status is available instantly in a user friendly interface.