Retail Supply Chain Solutions

Many retailers have turned to IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator to manage their B2B communication with trading partners and to maintain the integrity of their supply chain. Large retailers need to be able to source the best product for the best price while suppliers need to be flexible, able to meet new B2B requirements and mandates that their trading partners are driving. Just-in-time commitments must be met and systems must run flawlessly as disruptions adversely impact the bottom line or could result in penalties. At Adept, we understand your business, and we are uniquely positioned to solve your most complex Sterling B2B Integrator problems:




Service Level Agreements must be met; system downtimeis not acceptable when a trading partner is on the line.When you do have problems, you need someone totroubleshoot your entire Sterling B2B Integratorimplementation, not just your Sterling B2B Integratorsystem. Without a stable system, your revenue stream is susceptible Often, multiple backend legacysystems need to receive the properinformation, trading partners mustbe on-boarded quickly, changingrequirements of trading partnersmust be implemented with minimal process design. Where is the purchase order? What is the statusof the invoice? Has our client sent us the forecastsfor 3rd quarter; we don’t have it? You need to beable to track down the status of different B2Btransactions in Sterling B2B Integrator. Thisvisibility is vital to efficiently running your operations.


Adept has experience solving some of the toughest supply chain management problems and has worked on some of the largest implementations in the world. Our unique set of solutions will enable your Sterling B2B Integrator implementation to function to optimum performance levels.



Adept’s Sterling B2B Integrator Routing Solution – Routing enables your Sterling B2B Integrator architecture to operate efficiently andprovides the scale you need to withstand even your heaviest volume demands. Its innovative design will enable you to on board and managetrading partners in a matter of minutes, without any business process design…on boarding is no longer process development, only record configuration.
Cosourcing – Your implementation must function. When it doesn’t, working with vendors and trading partners to identify who owns theissue can take time, adding to the critical time needed to restore the system. Adept’s Environment Cosourcing provides cost effective,dedicated support for your full Sterling B2B Integrator implementation, only a phone call away. We troubleshoot your entire implementation and work to bring you back on line quickly.
Document Tracking – Your search for a missing shipping notice or purchase order has ended. Document tracking provides you the real timevisibility you need in your ever changing, fast paced environment. Your business now has a user-friendly interface, providing end users access to the data they need to drive down cost, increase cash flow, and improve responsiveness.