Manufacturing Solutions

Your business relies on your Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to manage your demand mix and supply capacity while being able to receive purchase orders from and send ship invoices to systems that are using other communication protocols. A mistake in translating a purchase order improperly or receiving a duplicate order can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your supply chain network needs to be managed to precision as you react quickly to buying patterns of your customers and your demand mix changes. Your B2B and integration systems must also perform to the same level of accuracy and reliability; downtime, failures in sending out ship notices or invoices efficiently have downstream impacts that can disrupt your entire supply chain. Adept’s solutions are ideal for navigating the complexities of your IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator implementation.



Maximizing your return on your critical assets is of utmost priority. Downtime decreases your ROI and disrupts the supply chain. Ship notices failing to go out and delays in invoicing impact your cash flow and put SLAs at risk. When you do have problems, you need someone to troubleshoot your entire Sterling B2B Integrator Implementation, not just your Sterling B2B Integrator system.

It is challenging to receive inputs from different customers in the form of different protocols and translate them to meet the requirement of your backend systems while maintaining high volumes and changing requirements. Breakdowns in processing cause duplicate orders and incorrect specifications which can result in unwanted inventory.


Our Sterling B2B Integrator expertise, industry specific experience and unique solutions based approach to solving the most complex Sterling B2B Integrator problems are ideally suited to provide you the stability, reliability and accuracy you need with your Sterling B2B Integrator implementation.

System Health Check & Optimization – Your implementation must function and system restarts are not the solution. Adept team of specialists will complete an in-depth assessment of your current software and hardware as well as your business requirements and develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate chronic system issues in light of your current needs and expected growth.

Adept’s Sterling B2B Integrator Routing Solution – Our Routing Solution will provide you the precision, scalability and extendibility you need to work effectively with different protocols and standards while providing a stable architecture to effectively manage your B2B transaction flow. It is uniquely suited to handle different protocols while providing pluggable, extendable business processes that are managed at the database level, eliminating your development time as requirements and standards change.