Financial Services Solutions

Your reputation is everything. Building trust and maintaining integrity are paramount as you deliver the highest quality products and services to your astute and discriminating clientele. Your systems must support with excellence the delivery of your products and services. Mishandled data can cause regulatory issues, litigation risks or even widespread economic impact. You need a partner that understands the importance of building your IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator systems and web services framework with proven processes that will provide you the performance and reliability you can trust. Adept has a proven track record demonstrating our core competencies in addressing these concerns.



Markets can change in a moment’s notice. Institutions rely on your ability to deliver the right information at the right time, and you are given no room for error. You have to be able to deliver large documents in seconds, not minutes. At times, millions of dollars could be at stake. The information you provide must be delivered quickly, accurately, and on time.

Your name is on the line. Your business partners must be able to deliver with the level of expertise that align with your own. You cannot afford to misstep by selecting the wrong company to address your project and systems needs.

Adept Engineering Solutions brings the utmost IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator expertise in the industry to the table. Our founder was among the original developers of Gentran and Sterling B2B Integrator. Maintaining a high level of excellence and integrity in development and design are at the heart of our philosophy.

Expert Gentran & Sterling B2B Integrator – At Adept, you are not a client, you are our partner. Our intimate understanding of our clients business has given us a unique ability to combine our industry experience with our Sterling B2B Integrator expertise, thus building the optimum solutions for our clients. Our professional team has a deep knowledge base and the ability to leverage best practices to bring your solution on line with the utmost efficiency.

Experienced Staff Augmentation – Adept stands ready to provide you the staffing you need to meet your project and development deadlines. Select the team that several Fortune 100 companies have worked with to handle their specialized Sterling B2B Integrator staffing needs.