Automotive Solutions

In Automotive, it’s imperative that OEMs, their suppliers and the entire supply chain be able to send transactions seamlessly. However with multiple transaction standards and many communication protocols, this is a daunting task. Automotive companies need systems that accept diverse input and produce diverse output in order to accommodate all their trading partners. Issues arise when Service Level Agreements are not met which not only result in fines but can impact the rest of the supply chain. We have deep experience in addressing these types of issues:



Your system must be able to process transactions accurately and give you the abilityto audit transactions. If you are unable to process sensitive business documents ontime, this can result in fines, missed SLAs and reflect poorly on your company with your trading partners. Given the many different standards and requirements forexchanging documents, automotive companies need to be ableto adapt to all these standards and have a system flexible enough to handle new ones.




Because of the time sensitivity of documents, it is imperative that you are able to know when documents are processed through your system. If there are any errors, you need to be notified immediately based on the SLA’s you define with your trading partners. Your trading partners demand a certain level of performance and your system must be able to provide this. If you fail to deliver ASNs on-time, you may be assessed a fine.



Adept’s solutions are ideal for navigating the complexities of your IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator implementation.

Document Tracking – Real time answers for a real time business. Document Tracking provides instant access to the status of your documentsin Sterling B2B Integrator, using our customizable business-level view into the transactions. Manage the interface internally or share it withyour trading partners. Have exception alerts sent to you for escalation and handling before you receive a trouble ticket. You no longer have tospend valuable time tracking down information or wondering whose system has lost a document, its status is available instantly in a user friendly interface.
Adept’s Sterling B2B Integrator Routing Solution – Our Routing Solution will provide you the precision, scalability and extendibility you needto work effectively with different protocols and standards while providing a stable architecture to effectively manage your B2B transactionflow. It is uniquely suited to handle different protocols while providing pluggable, extendable business processes that are managed at the database level, eliminating your development time as requirements and standards change.