Routing Framework

Are you looking to migrate to IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator? Or are you currently on B2B Integrator but need a faster, easier way to on-board new trading partners?

Adept’s Routing Solution integration engine uses scalable, repeatable processes to optimize your operational efficiency and cuts down your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator implementation time and effort by as much as 75%. Minimize your ongoing operational environment support costs by implementing this Fortune 500-class hardened toolset to manage your overall EDI environment.

 Advance with Routing Solution:



Trading partner onboarding time (end to end) takes up to 8 hours Reduced by up to 50%
Initial implementation timeline for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator: 6 -9 Months Reduced by up to 6 months*
IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Implementation Cost Reduced by up to 50% using our battle-tested, production-ready processes


This innovative toolset minimizes the cost of migrating trading partners to the B2B Integrator as well as eases the process of on-boarding new trading partners thus reducing overall cost. Utilize our intuitive interface to configure new trading partners and select the appropriate delivery mechanism and our pre-defined process will obtain your data, translate it and deliver it to the proper destination.




Pre-built “Parameter Driven” business process definitions Minimal business process definition coding. Canned Adept processes are re-usable.
Configurable Error Handling Levels with the click of a button. Know real-time when an important document encounters an error.
Easy to add on your own custom configurations Allows you to use the same solution for even the trickiest of transactions.
Conversion utility to aid in partner configuration Migrate from any application that gives you the ability to dump your trading partner configurations into a spreadsheet.
User “groups” control access Enhanced security feature that allows the administrator to determine who has access to configurations in the routing tool.


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